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This fabric, vadmel,  is similar to locally produced wollenfabrics during medieval times and later. This kind of quality was normally produced in Scandinavia in the middle ages to the end of 19th C. It is not as shiny and smooth quality as the woollen fabrics from Flandern and similar big exporters of fabrics. It goes under its old name "vadmel" which originally was a old norse name for a fabricmeasure. Similar fabrics was also produced by farmers in Scotland under the name "hodden".  This was the fabric of the common man.


Width 135cm, 60% new wool and 40% recycled wool remnants. Because of this, the quality may vary and depending of the recycled wool remnats and it may not always be 100% wool. 435 grams/squaremeter.This fabric is light milled and quite soft to handle.


These fabrics are our standard selection. This means that if any of theme runs out of stock, we can always get more of it.

You can now order half meters of our cloth.

BN! The color representation in different monitors may differ a lot. The be absolutely sure you get the tint you want, we recommend you to first order our cloth samples. That way, you can see and feel the samples before you order.


BN! Because of a faulty delivery of our last shipment of wool, there have been some changes.
Number 16 Black have now a marbled grey color, 02 Red have been named 02 Madder red, Olive green now have a slightly greyer shade (and thus have more yellow in it).
We will update with some new articles shortly.

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